Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Praise: Allen & Cowley Spice Dust

I can really only speak for the Taco Dust and Fajita Dust, however these are amazing spice combinations. We make tacos all the time and used to use McCormick or Lowery beef taco seasoning. I've never been a big fan of the "just add water" nature to either of those mixes and preferred adding much less water than suggested. I liked the results but it was still a bit gooey and over salty.

At one of our most frequented hippie stores, Natural Pantry, I found a single serving packet of the Taco Dust product and checked the back. Hmm, no water needed just drain fat and mix in with browned beef. I noticed that the spices are roasted quite a bit more than the other seasonings I had used, this could mean that the chili powder they used was dark roasted (yup, you can get your chili powder like you get your coffee) or that they added a hint of roasting to the entire spice pack - minus a few of the more fragile spices which they add later. I am convinced I can create a mix similar to this using Frontier products.

Just coat browned ground beef in the spices, sautee a bit more and your done and ready to have totally Americanized tacos with a hint of citrus. Not sticky, not drippy, just yummy.

Note: Image of Taco Dust tin Copyright Allen & Cowley

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Melissa said...

I really want to order stuff from their site, which I looked at more extensively the other day, but I am BROKE right now hahahaha. oh well... soon.